Thursday, May 10, 2007

Remembering Neighbors

Remember/Neighbor- Illustration Friday challenge for 4/27 and 5/4.

When we were young we did a lot with our neighbor's the Pierce family and the boy down the street Randy Hess. Wayne, Betty, Tammy and Doreen were the Pierce kids. What I loved were the shows we had in the back yard for all the neighbors to see, playing baseball in the side yard, selling mud pies door to door and of course the "Fleming Flop" club house. It didn't look exactly like this but you get the idea!!

OK...this is the past two Illustration Fridays combined. I have been busy on a few projects. One is a book I am working on that I can't wait to share with you all soon. Another is described, somewhat, below. Apologies about the roughness of the pic. I'll finish and post another day.


md said...

looks like a place where alot of fun was had. sound slike good memories too

EM said...

Nice drawing! It really drums up my own childhood memories.

ValGalArt said...

i love this! wonderful memories!

Michelle Lana said...

looks like a fun place! love it.

Lee said...

fun illo ellen, i would have loved a treehouse like that to hang out in with the neighborhood gang! hope your project is going well, looking forward to more cartwheels!

Orca said...

Hi, just picked your blog from somewhere, I was browsing on modifying banners. Just want to say what a wonderful site you're having here. All these drawings make me reminisce my childhood days. The time when I we have wilder imaginations and dream of things that we want to be and we want to have. We just draw them in a piece of paper and show it to mom. Sorry for being nostalgic here. Great stuff. Happy blogging!

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