Sunday, September 24, 2006


Bogyphobia- Fear of Bogeymen!AND...... Opthalmophobia- Fear of opening one's eyes!
Artists Notes: These pieces are both inspired by my last trip to Disney World. I found this beautiful statue (bottom)in a hide away corner in Epcot in one of the countries while chasing a lizard. The piece is done pen and ink and took many hours to complete. Unfortunately my carpel tunnel pain is now affecting my work...there are a few abnormal dots in my stippling. Surgery is slated for January.
The top piece was a statue discovered on my way to a Luau. It is done in pencil, then inked over and colored with Crayola colored pencils!! Thanks for looking and as always...double click for detail!
Most of the people in the world have a fear of one kind or another. While most people suffer from pathophobia (fear of disease), monophobia (fear of being alone), glossophobia (fear of public speaking), algophobia (fear of pain), taphephobia (fear of being buried alive), and many more, there are also some less popular phobias. At the end of this essay, there is a compiled a list of the phobias that you will find amusing...go to ISalvo to read more about phobias!

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