Saturday, November 25, 2006


Invention- Illustration Friday prompt for November 24.
"Because Mortimer was always inventing stories the woodland creatures always found it hard to believe anything he said. Until the day they all saw the sleigh pass through the air!"

Oh, yes, we have all heard "Neccesity is the Mother of invention" (I had a really neat illo in mind about 'Invention's' mom, Necessity, making him clean his room...but I didn't have time. LOL!) and I'm sure there will be a few machine creations this week. I chose to do the invention of the story itself. All of our storytelling started by word of mouth years ago. We gradually advanced to illustrations...and now look how far we have come with conveying stories!'s to you whoever you tellers of truth or tall tales. It was you who invented the wonder and awe in all of us and the hunger to read just one more story!

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving- Illustration Friday prompt for Nov. 17.
(Colored pencil )
When I saw that the prompt was "Thanksgiving" I have to admit I thought that there would be a million cornucopias and pilgrims. I couldn't imagine what I would do since I hate being repetitive. Then I remembered a conversation I had with my mother recently about the holidays and family. You see her mom and dad passed away some years back along with uncles and aunts, and the only sibling she had was killed in a fight. Her family is gone. She has a nephew living thousands of miles away with his family but they never visit. So the holidays are tough. I was telling her living seven hours away from my family wasn't easy either. Most of my friends live in other states and I don't get to see them either. Not that I could compare to what she must be feeling.
Anyway, I got to thinking...Thanksgiving can be about memories of loved ones passed on as well as those who are over seas serving in Iraq or even friends and family in other states. So to you Mom, all my friends and family I have lost over the years, and to my friends and family who are too far to see this holiday season...Thanks for giving me the memories of a lifetime!

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