Friday, August 01, 2008


Illustration Friday's Prompt for August 1, 2008..."poof."
Now how could I possibly do the obvious choices when there are so many OBSCURE possibilities; like the underground society of the "Proboscis Of the Olfactoriously Famous! Or P.O.O.F.!" Here are some of their charter members...
(Admittadly this is a quick sketch. I could have spent more time on it but wanted to save time to look at other artist's work for a change!) Thanks so much for your wonderful comments!
The nose knows...true trivia!
Sneezes travel out of your mouth at over 100mph!
Most humans can tell the difference between 10000 different odours!
Sheepdogs can smell 44 times better than humans.
An Elephant's trunk can smell water 3 miles away.
Check this site out (I couldn't resist!)..."What is a Booger made of?"

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