Saturday, July 26, 2008

Canned Tuna

Illustration Friday theme for July 25,2008? "Canned."
The first idea that came to mind...canned tuna, good ol' "Chicken of the Sea!" (as seen in this photo).

Which is now also in pouches (as seen in this photo). I knew I definately had to draw a mermaid.
But the clincher was when I received an e-mail about dolphins getting caught in tuna nets. Then I read on the "Chicken of the Sea" website that they are "dolphin safe since 1990." So, from "canned tuna" to a dolphin safe "chicken of the sea" mermaid comes the illo below.

Check out the site... join the mermaid club! I liked this site also... I found in my mermaid research.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Remember this guy? This is what prompted my cartoon below!

Enough-Illustration Friday's prompt for July 18.
A little late...but just under the gun! Sorry such a quick little sketch...lots of trips to the hospital and not much sleep.
Have a great week end everyone!
PS My mother-in-law is doing better today, YEAH!

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