Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pet Peeves

Illustration Friday for last week- "Heavy." Last week, the one that started out being St. Patty's Day had 1st day of spring in the middle and ended with Easter, was tough to decorate for. The weight of pressure of what decorations to put out was astounding. Some of my neighbors gave up completely I see. So here is my compromise...

Illustration Friday....March 21...."Pet Peeve." My biggest pet peeve about my pet is when he poops the first part of the walk and I get stuck 'holding the bag' as he continues to sniff every rock, tree and bush. I imagine the critters that live in the neighborhood have a pet peeve about my dog interrupting their day. Of course I have to laugh because he manages to miss finding them most of the time. I see them looking hoping he doesn't see them...he must need glasses!"

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!!!

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