Saturday, November 11, 2006


One of my favourite trees in the world..Ginkgo! I discovered this newly planted tree in our community while walking the dog this morning...I was very excited! Did you know they are the oldest living trees in the world? Oh, the stories they must tell their grandchildren! LOL! (p.s. I know I spelled it wrong on the picture...woops!)

Monday, November 06, 2006


Here is the revised version of Santa...I can't wait to post for Illustration Friday's newest prompt..."clear!"
P.S. A big "Thank YouI!" to one of my biggest fans, Leigh! "Hope you like the finished product...and can't wait to send the other ideas when they are complete."
Smoke- I-Fri challenge for November 3 (is it November already?!!!!).'s a stretch, but Santa IS smoking! Besides I have a cold...I hate being sick.
I am working on a Christmas card for our communities. This is one of the ones I have so far. It's not complete...but, I was sooo late posting last week! Here it is...Santa "Pot Nets" (That stands for...eel POTS and fishing NETS) style!
We all get around in golf carts here. They even have golf cart parades, races and hopefully in movies!

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