Saturday, October 11, 2008


Strings- Illustration Friday challenge October 10.
This one had me in many directions. I started researching and thought ...maybe the old fashioned string lights. Then I thought, maybe halloween string lights. Upon further research I stumbled on that string art we use to do as kids. So I googled String Art...and I found the most AMAZING art! It is string (and bead) art by the Huichol Indians in Mexico. Check it out here Huichol Art you won't be sorry!
Below is the my attempt at it with my prismacolours representing the string. As you can see I am having scanner issues again and had to photograph it instead. It really does NOT do all the work that went into it ANY justice. Trust me it is awesome in real life! (click on the pic to see detail)
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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Sugary- Prompt for Illustration Friday October 3.
Agatha wished she hadn't put so much eye of newt in that last potion. Now everything in the castle seemed to be enchanted. Take the tea pot, for there is a sugar goon living inside always putting too much sugar in her tea!

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