Friday, March 10, 2006

Tattoo- Illustration Friday

Tattoo- Illustration Friday. I can assure you I am not trying to be an eager beaver and post early. My grandson (3yrs. Old) is coming for the entire week end and I know I won't be able to accomplish much with him here . So here you have two of my early works. I logged in well over 10 hours of time on them.

They are done in pen and ink. (You'll notice in the crayfish I used a different ink in places- so sad). I am constantly asked to design tattoos because of the intricate pen and ink work I do. At first I took offense to it...Now, the thought of having my art on someone's body forever doesn't sound half bad!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Insect- Dragonfly- My Favourites!

"Insecticide" happens on many levels as Steve and Billy demonstrate here. Not something I condone...yet, happens!
O.K. This was the third idea that I had for "Insect," much along the same lines as the second. I still have a couple others..I'm not sure if I will post them. This topic really has me going.
I have a new method now. Graphite sketch, copy over in ink simplisticly so colouring on computer will adhere to edges. Print in colour then add detail in coloured pencil and more ink. Any suggestions will be helpful.
I have a Wacom (9x11) but no programme to go with it so it collects dust in my studio at the moment. My birthday is coming so I hope the birthday fairy remembers I need a programme! LOL!!
My nephews send many pictures that they drew I have to work on scanning them in...please be sure to stop by and post some words of encouragement! (See my profile for their blogs.)

"It's true Harold bugged everyone but no one expected Arthur to snap one day and take matters into his own hands. Yes, this was a clear case of...INSECTICIDE!"
O.K. This is old, and I am still working on the new piece for this week's entry...however, I saw a piece on Sharon Colman and her Oscar nominated short called "Badgered" and thought it was more important to post something so I could get the word out about this teriffic artist!

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