Monday, November 01, 2004

My Activity Book -"Pot-Nets Communities, A Lifestyle of Value!"

A while ago I was asked to create an activity book to pass out to the kids who were new to our communities. That was easy, I thought. Well, it was harder than I thought!!! Deciding on what to feature when you live on the Atlantic Ocean in communities (, that have their own nature preserve, beaches, pools, docks, marinas, resteraunts, etc... was a LOT harder than I thought. That's for sure. Then there was the information gathering and educational aspect. Thank God I was a teacher...I can't imagine doing anything like this without researching it through.
Anyway, here...for your viewing pleasure, is a sneak peak at my book. You lucky "blog peepers" you!!!

One of my favs! Starfish. Posted by Hello

Fish of the Atlantic. Exerpt from Activity Book. Posted by Hello

Construction of Golf Course. Exerpts from Activity Book. Posted by Hello

Exerpts from Activity Book. Posted by Hello

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