Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Native American "Roots" -Illustration Friday

Native American "Roots" - Illustration Friday Challenge. Well it is getting close to the next week's challenge and I have been working on this dilligently since last week. This started out reflecting all of my heritage including flags from England, France, Germany, Scotland and Ireland. There was to be a Mayflower ship and a pilgrim in amongst the roots as well. But when it came right down to it. The peoples that deserved the credit the most were the peoples who's life blood is in the soil here. The soil and land that we took away from them...Native Americans. And since I can proudle say I have quite a bit of Native American blood in me that's who I chose to represent in this challenge..."Roots." It has taken me about six hours of work so far and I know it will be a few more before it's done. it get the idea.

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