Wednesday, June 13, 2007


OK , So I have been slacking in the art department lately...but our daughter is getting married again, my nephew graduates this year and my four year old grandson seems to need more attention than he did when he was three for some reason. But I have still been sketching out each word as they come along in Illustration Friday. So that has to count for something. Right? Crude as they are here are some of the past few prompts Citrus and Car along with the current one- Suit.

Since the popularity polls have the President at an all time low in relation to the War in Iraq he decided to try alternate methods of trying to find a solution about what to do.
"Oh great one......I'm in need of your wisdom....I'm needing help with my Iraq situation.....I'm needing a sign of which direction to head....I'm...I'm...I'm...Peach? OW!"

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