Monday, November 13, 2006

Clearly A Blue Christmas

Clear- Illustration Friday prompt for Nov.10. "Are you sure this will help me with my bi partisanship, Sam?" "Yes Sir, oh we'll also need to do something about that suit...something between red and blue...mauve maybe!"

Oh Well, as you can see...My politics definately lean toward the blue and not the red! But, all politics aside...this was a piece that came to me instantly. It was clear what I would do as soon as I saw the prompt! This is in pen and ink with a touch of Prismacolour and watercolour. Re-creating the White House was no easy task let me tell you!

My cold has sunk into my chest. Gross. If I can just hang on five more days...I get a four day holiday! Yea Turkey Day!
Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate all your comments!!!!!

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