Friday, August 21, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

I have been away far too long and am embarking on an anticipated awesome fall/winter season of art! for more upcoming creations.

What's new...let's see...our 9 yo Golden is getting surgery for Laryngiel Paralysis the second of September. We are scared out of our minds about it. We researched and researched, met with surgeons and talked to other LP dog owners and we are sure it is what he needs.

Our Granddaughter is growing leaps and bounds! She laughs, rolls over and sits now. We don't see her as much as we did our grandson when he was that little; however, we do make an impact when we to. Our grandson is going to play ice hockey. 6 years old and playing ice hockey. Last year he played on a roller hockey team and went from roller slates to roller blades in a matter of months. He is really into it.

My hunny and I celebrate 10 years this coming year! We will be celebrating with a cruise to the Bahamas. I can't wait!!!!

I haven't done much artwork since the last "Week of Shorts" came out. Still reveling in the feeling of being published! I did raise an amazing set of container gardens this year and "found" some great plants in my landscapeing. We were visited by baby bunnies, several baby birds, a tree frog, several toads and of course the mockingbird's- Fred and Ethel's grandchildren.
All in all it has been an action packed summer so far!

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