Monday, October 09, 2006


Desperate Trouble- Viola! Last step. This is where I print out the piece I coloured on the computer and add detail and clean up blank areas. I still have a lot more I could do but this gives you the idea of what's in my head!
"Sally liked to dress up like a witch two weeks before Halloween. Then she would visit all her neighbors asking for a cup of 'eye of newt!' She found this kept all her neighbors on Wysteria Lane at bay all the rest of the year!!!!"
Desperate Trouble- Step three. This is what I get after scanning the black outline into the computer and add a few colours. I also erase things I might have added when I inked that I didn't like. (I know I'm not yet very good at the dpi stuff.)

Desperate Trouble- Step two. Trace over the lines I like in permanent ink.

Desperate Trouble- Step one. Rough sketch in graphite.

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