Saturday, November 27, 2004

"Lavendar Fields."I LOVE the smell of lavendar! Posted by Hello

"Red Hot Chilies." We use these in landscaping where I live. I know the picture came out a bit fuzzy...early stages of new camera!BTW...These are for Nic! LOL Posted by Hello

"Birth of Seahorse."It is soooo cool that the seahorse male has the babies. Sure wish more men could do that! Posted by Hello

Comic Panel. I have had many comic "panels" in my time but never a "strip." Posted by Hello

Pencil of a Coi pond at a college in upstate NY. Posted by Hello

Elegant. Ink and watercolor. When I am old...I shall wear purple and LOT's of it! Posted by Hello

With asuch a beautiful scene out the window why is she looking in the mirror? Contemplation. Posted by Hello

Last week's Illustration Friday word was "Regal." This is how I feel when I am sharply dressed! Posted by Hello

Cling. Illustration Friday's word. Leaves definately come to mind! Posted by Hello

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