Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hidden Treasures

Art of Bev Doolittle: Check out her site and see how many hidden images you can find in her work!!

"Though he had many treasures Tommy was always saving to buy more. He kept his money in a treasure chest his grandmother gave him hidden under the bed."

Hide- Illustration Friday prompt for March 2.
Of course one of my favourite artists is Bev Doolittle. She likes to "hide" images within her art. So do I, many of my pen and inks have hearts in them.


Michelle Lana said...

good little boy :) great work ellen!

md said...

lol sounds like my son always workingt to buy the next great techno gadget. nice illo

esillustration said...

i need me a t-rex!

Christie said...

Thanks, Ellen, for your comment on my Illustration Friday post. I came over to see yours and right when I saw it, I smiled. I like how Tommy has so many ideas about how to spend his hidden treasure.

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