Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Polly Pheonix

Polly Phoenix and Sebastian.

Phoenix- Illustration Friday prompt for Dec. 29.
I had plans to do a nice neat pen and ink with my new pens...but, for some reason my sub-conscious wanted to be funny. So here's to the New Year...full of re-birth and re-newel and toasty fried parrots for every kitty!


Alina Chau said...

HA!! HA !! Funny take!

Michelle Lana said...

Haha....funny stuff! great work-

michael dailey said...

lov the look on the cats face lol

Lee said...

Happy New Year Ellen...glad it went well! your new pens sound great and I love your take on the phoenix!!

Joy Eliz said...

LOL! Fantastic illo!

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

So funny! That kitty is waiting for his cooked bird!

A very Happy New Year to you!!!!

Courtney said...

great work, love those expressions.

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