Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Buzz-Ard Vegans

"Oh, you are NOT a vegetarian! Who ever heard of a vegetarian Buzzard?! How ridiculous! Now get over here with your brother and eat your dinner!"
Illustration Friday Challenge word for January 5, 2007...BUZZ!
I don't know why I have been doing a lot of pictures of birds lately...weird! I chose buzzards because here on the peninsula we have TONS of buzzards. There are about ten that hang out in the dead tree at the end of our street. They fascinate me. They are VERY large and much like a graceful eagle in flight!


VANMO said...

Don't worry it's just a phase he's going through(sometimes it's not).Very funny!

Amy Zaleski said...

I love how annoyed your little guy on the right looks. Another funny cartoon!

md said...

maybe he could eat those cacti on the hill if he doesnt mind a few neddles lol funny cartoon nice work.

Joy Eliz said...

OMG...this makes me laugh! I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Andrea said...

vegetarian buzzard, you crack me up! that is how my family treated me when i stopped eating beef.

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