Thursday, November 02, 2006


Illustration Friday's challenge for Oct.27 was wind. This reminded me of several things...but one of my favourite books when I was young was "The Wind in The Willows." (1908) A classic children's fantasy by the British writer Kenneth Grahame. Originally intended only as bedtime stories for his son, this idyllic tale of the English countryside and river banks chronicles the adventures of Mr. Toad, Mole, Rat, and their friend, Badger.

The frog and toad series that followed here in the U.S. were also in my list of top ten. (Though nothing could top "Harold and the Purple Crayon!")
I give you my version of a scene from The Wind in The Willows. My rat does look a lot like a field mouse and this is a frog not a toad but you get the point!

All in one this time..first sketched in pencil, then inked over on the same paper, then erased all graphite and added colour with my new Prismacolours and a little help from Crayola coloured pencils!


Bron Smith said...

I like your whimsical style and your bright colors.

Loni said...

Very nice! I like Wind in the Willows also. Great choices on colors too!

michael dailey said...

wow i remember reading that book as a kid to. great book to do an illo from. nice work

Max said...

I LOVED Wind in the Willows. You have a great folk art look to your work.

Ian T. said...

I took this to be Froggy Went A Courting - it works really well for that!

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