Sunday, November 06, 2005

Night- "Ode to Schim Schimmel"

Night- Illustration Friday. Schimmmel is a favorite artist of mine.(I taught environmental ed) This is my "Ode to Schimmel" I always wanted to do a piece similiar to his style. I admit this was done quickly...I always try to post by Sunday evening since my weeks are so busy. This was sketched with pencil and done over in ink. I added some colour after it was scanned. I am sure this will be re-done in the future. I already have an order for another white tiger piece!!!

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Alina Chau said...

Love your interpretation of the theme!! Good job!

The Unknown said...

I hope this illo isn't a goodnight to the lovely creatures.

Tony LaRocca said...

Hey diddle diddle
The Dolphin jumped over the Earth
So long and thanks for all the fish
They're grrrrrrrrrrrrreat!
And this doesn't even rhyme.

Caroline said...

Tiger, tiger burning bright like a tea tray in the night...

I love white tigers and this one certainly shimmers in the night.

Thanks for the link I wasn't aware of his work before.

Tulipland said...

Jumping dolphin is so cute :) and the tiger is really nice.Hope to see it one more time when it is all done.
Thank you very much for the comment to my "night illo";)

Courtney said...

great tiger! and love the dolphin leaping over the earth. :)

Ian T. said...

Lovely concept and composition! Is the Earth really nothing but a tiger's dream (with dolphins)?

Andrea said...

Reminds me a bit of Schimm Schimmel.

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