Monday, October 24, 2005

20 Random Things

Ok...TFrizzy has tagged me.:) So here are 20 random things you don't know about me.

1. I was teaching theatre adjunct at a college at 18.
2. I LOVE aquamarines and teals.
3. I drive around fuzzy catapillers trying to cross the road in the fall. Plus I step around worms when it's raining.
4. I hate being barefoot in the house but love to be outside.
5. I wear shorts long after everyone else puts them away.
6. My dog Rusty is my most trusted friend.
7. People always guess I am younger than I am.
8. I almost always have to have an Arizona Ginseng tea and a Mountain Dew Amp to start my day.
9. I drive over 500 miles a week for my job.
10. I adore Barbara Streisand.
11. I was a stand up comic in NY for a while.
12. I am a grandmother but never had children.
13. I taught Mime for 20 years.
14. Marcel Marceau and I corresponded for years.
15. My cat needs me to pet him then sit next to him while he eats.
16. I love being an artists but hate to sell my art!
17. I can't stand arrogance in people.
18. Not big on smokers
19. I love to colour.

and...OMG I made it to 20... I refuse to learn to knit!


Frizz said...

I just knew they'd be that interesting!! Wow, what stories you must have to tell. I love reading people's lists!! How can you be a granmother without having kids??

carla said...

I was going to comment of your IF illo (wonderful), but I was sidetracked by your truly fascinating facts! It sounds like you've been living a rich and wonderful life full of whimsy and magic...and how lucky to have corresponded with marcel Marceau!

Julie Oakley said...

tfrizzy - maybe she's a step grandmother?

I came here via my son tom's Blog. Your comments made me laugh.

And wow your random things are interesting. Ooh I wish people thought I was younger.

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