Monday, June 20, 2005

Illustration Friday

Black and White- Marcel and Mime. I performed stage and street mime for years. I had met Mr. Marceau in 1983 when he did a show in Syracuse, NY. His inspiration was my reason for choosing this unusual vocation. I became quite popular in my day. I also was a clown and toured with several children's theatre shows.
This old fashioned hand dotted pen and ink. Double click on picture for larger view.

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Anonymous said...

Can see being 'dramatic' helps with producing the drama of black and white :)

JacqueLynn said...

This turned out GREAT!

Anonymous said...

NO WAY! what a fun personal history! do you have any pics from those days? when i see mimes i always wonder about the person behind the they have a family, another job, other interests...where does a mime live?! great illo

Tony LaRocca said...

I always loved "Silent Movie" when he had the only line in the film: "NO!"

(I just mimed out "great picture.)

Aravis said...

This is really quite wonderful! And I was a theatre major in college, so I appreciate just how challenging it must have been to be a mime and a clown. But as you enjoyed it, I'm betting you were good at it!

coolwatyr said...


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