Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Illustration Friday - "OOOOh, Sparky the Firedog...our Heeerooo!"

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Anonymous said...

whoa, sparky's a bad-ass! better watch out kids, don't play with matches, cuz sparky'll show you it's much more effective to use a lighter! hee hee...i love sparky!

Emily said...

That's cute! Such a toughy. :-)

Ian T. said...

What program are you using? You might want to consider scanning in pure 2bit black and white (300dpit is good) and using the Bucket tool without selecting an area first - that'd eliminate the furry edges caused by anti-aliasing. After you've coloured the pic you can then Resize down to whatever resolution you want to post at.

He's a fine-looking bit of character design!

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