Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mischief - Illustration Friday. I hope I didn't ruin this. I am expiramenting with scanning, getting the color where I want it, adding ink, re-scanning, etc. I think this might be over done. I stopped in the middle of the fourth layer of fur.Please let me know what you think. Posted by Hello


Ms Elle said...

First, I think it's a wonderful image. The racoons are perfect demonstrations of "mischief". I would have not put the blue color in. I dunno - I like it black and white.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I agree with Ms. Elle... I love the raccoons/composition/expressions yet the blue/black combo looks erroneous to me... I'd say either more colors (psychedelic?) or black and white only... But it's YOUR illustration!! :-)

Satu said...

It's really cute and apart from the previous comments I like the blue color in it. I feel it is more personal that way and has a touch of 'that something'.

Polar said...

Nice! Racoons are great examples of mischief. The blue abd black combi seems a bit out of place.

Danielle said...

I love the little racoons. I think they are some of the cutest little critters.

The two illustrations seem like lighting tricks to me. The blue one looks like they've just had a flashlight shined on them, while the second one looks like they're more in the dark.

psychopooch said...

Really nice illustration! I agree with Danielle. The difference feels like a lighting effect. As a finished piece, I like the second one more. But for the theme, I kinda like the first one more. At first i didn't quite know what to make of the blue since it made the piece look washed out. But after looking at it for a bit it feels like they're washed out by a flashlight shining on them and they've been caught in the act. To me, that feels more mischievous. I guess it's more of a personal thing as to what you wanna portray in your illustration. Looks good either way.

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