Saturday, April 30, 2005


"Ambition."Illustration Friday's Challenge.(Pen and Ink with Sakura Micron.)
Sea Turtles always amazed me. The minute they are born they know that they have to get to the sea. Across several feet of sand they travel as fast as they can so they won't get eaten. Now that's ambitious! Posted by Hello


Ms Elle said...

Oooh, Ellen! I like this - you did that pointellism thingamajig! Very ambitious -- all those dots...! And I love sea turtles too.

deboraht said...

Great idea and a beautiful drawing!

Anonymous said...

i'm in love, i've always had a thing for baby turtles...what a sweet illo!

Anonymous said...

I used to watch baby turtles hatch when young. Sometimes we helped ones that were too deep in the sand to dig out. Then we ran around shooing the gulls and hoping there weren't any waiting sharks. This is beautifully drawn!

moi said...

Sea turtles! I love sea turtles! And this is a most excellent piece of art!

Aravis said...

The love behind this illustration shines through. It is simple and beautiful.

Tulipland said...

it is really beautiful..and very nice idea.. I like it.

Danielle said...

I didn't see this the first time. It's great. We vacationed in Sanibel, FL, for the first time this year. We were too early for the turtles, but I'd love to see the actual thing someday.

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