Saturday, March 26, 2005

Check out the other "Crowded" pictures here!

Crowded. Illustration-Friday's Weekly challenge. Colored pencil and graphite. (Please click on the picture for better can even magnify again if you like. The digital camera is NOT doing my detail justice at all!) Since Easter is coming up I decided to do an illustration of a fond memory I have of Easter. Every year we would get baby ducks and chicks along with our Easter baskets. Don't worry, we lived on a small farm...we raised them. Posted by Hello


Cin said...

a delight ! like very much the texture of the basket and all the diiferent chicks, terrific !

Anonymous said...

what a lovely memory! and i'm glad they weren't all apartment-dwellers (now that really WOULD be crowded!)

AnnaCas said...

really great quality artwork

Karen Winters said...

perfectly themed for Easter (as well as crowded)

Ellen said...

Thank You very much for such nice comments! You should have seen the piglets we bottle fed once! LOL!!!

Ms Elle said...

Ellen - (1) thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog and (2) YOU ARE PROGRESSING FABULOUSLY TOO! I like the perspective and your ducklings are really adorable.

surrealmuse said...

Digital photos typically do not give traditional artwork the justice they deserve. But I have to say, I do see quite a difference between your digital works and your traditional ones. I would love to see you keep on experimenting with the traditional. And maybe in time, you'll be able to get a scanner. They don't cost that much, and they are so well worth it in the long run.

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