Thursday, July 24, 2008


Remember this guy? This is what prompted my cartoon below!

Enough-Illustration Friday's prompt for July 18.
A little late...but just under the gun! Sorry such a quick little sketch...lots of trips to the hospital and not much sleep.
Have a great week end everyone!
PS My mother-in-law is doing better today, YEAH!


Alina Chau said...

nice fun drawing!

Bobo's Slave said...

Heehee, he's a noise maker!
All the best to you and your mother-in-law!

Loni Edwards said...

Ah yes, I remember him! A fun idea! You did better than I, I didn't make it this week in time, but I did post it on Friday...just the following :) OH well! I am glad your Mother In Law is doing better.

FrankenBarry said...

Funny cartoon... I like it a lot!

Zari said...

funny monkey! great work!

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