Tuesday, December 16, 2008


"Sally was a little more rambunctious in her plans for the day; that is, until her lack of sleep caught up with her!" This is for Illustration Friday's challenge- Rambunctious (12/12). I have to post this 'partially done' because I have been a tad busy lately. Just received the new book I have art in and it is just as exciting to see your work in print every time, it never gets old!


Larry Lee said...

I'm starting to feel this way, too. Too much to do - net enough time to do it in. Yet, somehow the things that are important get done (like IF entries ;-)

tp said...

i can relate !hehe

laughingwolf said...

cold weather always saps my strength early...

Kisa said...

Just found your blog while browsing BlogHer, and I love your illustrations! Hope you'll keep posting them regularly.

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