Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Repair- Illustration Friday prompt for 10/24.
Well, I sincerely hope none of you get the flu I had for the past two days. Flat on my back for two days! When I wasn't wretching in the bathroom that is. I'm better now though my stomach is a mess still.
The two cartoons below came to me almost immediately after I thought about the word- repair. Upon researching I did come across a really awesome artist who does the skeletal structure of cartoon characters. Check out Michael Paulus.
Yes, I really did try to repair my own laptop and now it's dead. Well, until I take it in for repairs.


loubylou said...

heh heh, silly mr skeleton bones!!

curlyillustrator said...

I was totally thinking along the lines of the computer thing, too! I love how she's welling up and looking guilty. Great idea!

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