Monday, August 18, 2008


Illustration Friday prompt for August 15 was "Detach." The very first thing that came to mind was that bully in TOY STORY- Sid. You know, the kid next door that destroyed toys and made them into weird combinations then blew them up! Here is a possible one of Sid's concoctions...(Sorry that they are pencil sketches...haven't had time to finish yet.)
...But, I wasn't quite "feeling the word" was being represented in the way I wanted it to until I came accross this knitted tiger...can you believe someone actually KNITS gorey animals?!...
Yet, this somehow had the word expressed at the very core of it's essence..."That's it!" I thought!! So here you have my sketch...(BTW, I showed it to my 5 year old grandson and he thinks I'm really cool now because I drew a dinosaur actually ripping the leg off another dinosaur!


johanna said...

fascinating sketches!

theartofpuro said...

nice work,it will be great when you'll finish it,we had the same problem and only today we did the colour

Bee said...

Great take on the theme and super dinosaurs :)

Connie said...

Don't apologise for your gorgeous sketches; love your lines.

carla said...

It looks like you had real fun with this one! I'm impressed - like your grandson - with the vicisou dinosaur! Very cool!

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