Monday, July 14, 2008

I-Fri Catch-up

Illustration Friday- July 11. Prompt- "Foggy."
Believe it or not they actually close the schools here because of fog! When I moved down here 10 years or so ago that was one of the things that tickled my funny bone. Of course, being from WAY upstate NY, it had to be VERY blizzardy with accumulations in excess of 12 inches to get a day off! If they hear they will get even 1 inch of snow here they wipe out the bread and milk in the stores!

Illustration Friday Catch-up! This was for "Punchline" which was the prompt two weeks ago. Sorry these are soooo late. A friend took his life last week and my Mother-in-Law is very ill and in the hospital. She has been in there for two weeks and still isn't getting better. So my plate is VERY full!!! Yet, I still find time to come up with a drawing for Illustration Friday. This little weekly challenge really has enriched my life so much. It is a welcome few hours of solace some days.

Illustration Friday- Sour. I didthis pic when I heard Bozo the Clown died, in tribute. I call it..."Bozo and the amazing flying pickles!"


Danica Brine said...

Hey Ellen thanks for the comment on my blog, Might I say you have some pretty interesting pieces here, the one with the milk carton, the ketchup bottle and the fish made me giggle ! I really like the pointism one of the lady. Nice work, vibrant colours !

- Danica

Cartoon Me said...

Hi Ellen, I love the variety of art forms you published! they really close schools for fog? That's hilarious! Your grandkids must love it!

Kay Aker said...

Wow, 3 for the prise of one!

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