Thursday, May 08, 2008


"From seeds...a multitude of Life."-Ellen Dygert 2008
It happened again...all my work washed out completely by the scanner. Sad, really because I really worked hard on this one. I use to teach a class on environmental education with special attention to the rain forests. This piece encompasses many of the facts I emphasized in that class.
On another note...finally had the kayak in the water a couple of times now! I LOVE kayaking!!!


jcdillustration said...

Nice concept and love the details.

Loni Edwards said...

Ellen, this has happened to me also. And it always seems to be the colored pencils that really have this happen to the most! I am sorry, I have yet to find the cure for it. It is a lovely design with a lovely theme. Hats off to you for teaching a class on environmental education! Wonderful!

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