Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Multiple Friends" Illustration Friday

"Leap" Illustration Friday's prompt for Feb. 29. This is a rendition of my son-in-law doing one of his favourite things...snowboarding. Many leaps in this sport for sure!
"Can you see the chipmunk in the window of the door? He is sad. Until he looks out and sees all his friends that have come to cheer him up!"
"Multiple" was the prompt for Illustration Friday two weeks ago. I am not 100% complete yet...but when I am I will re-post it here.
Thank-You for looking and commenting. As always click on the pic to enlarge for detail!


Akicage said...

See Here or Here

Ramakrishna said...

Detailed work on "Multiple Friends" is awesome. I love scenes with forest background. Thanks for stopping by.

Miho Sakato said...

so Cute illustrations!!!


van dyke said...

I like that you've made the snow kind of twinkly and magical in the 'leap' image.

Dumuro said...

See Here

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