Monday, January 14, 2008

Illustration Friday Catch up

Stitch- Illustration Friday. Sally was sad when her favourite telling time pillow lost one of it's numbers, but grandma knew just what to do. She grabbed her sewing kid and told Sally..."don't worry, Sally, grandma will sew this nine back on in no time! Besides, everyone knows a stitch in time saves 9!"
Horizon and Soar- Illustration Friday. Felix was having the best of days!
My new Ott Light! Thank You Santa!!!! 100% (Fruit Juice)-Illustration Friday. Jim knew that apple juice came from a tree, he just couldn't figure out how to get it in the glass!
What's on the art table right now. Fine tuning the CD cover for "Cartwheels at Midnight." You will find more information over at Blog Me Till Midnight.


carla said...

It looks like you're having lot of fun in your studio! The CD cover looks really good!

Andrea said...

That light is very cool!

Anne Leuck Feldhaus said...

i love how the cartwheelers are interacting off the on your desk!

Brine Blank said...

Like the effect you are getting here...would love to see more of your work in this same style...hope to see the finished product soon!

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