Saturday, November 24, 2007

Zoo Doo- Unique Holiday Gifts

The Zoo - Prompt from Illustration Friday for November 23. So you say you have no idea what to get Aunt Matilda for Christmas. She has EVERYTHING...well, I'm betting she doesn't have's Zoo Doo or Poo Pets. Endangered Feces.They are animal feces that have been heat treated (so there is no smell at all) and formed into animals. You set them in your houseplants and water over them. They slowly dissolve and provide your plants with a fertilizer that will enhance the health of your plants!
I still can't imagine the guy that comes home after landing the job at the "Zoo Doo" plant. "What is it you do again, honey?" "I do doo. I sculpt doo doo into animals!" "Really...and they pay you for that?!"
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ValGalArt said...

Ellen you really got me on this! I laughed out loud, this truly is tthe gift that keeps on giving... Great idea and love your piece it looks like a print and it's beautiful!

Daphne said...

Hahaha, yup zoo and doo, the two go hand in hand, it's so true! Terrific image and a great factual story!

® said...

The difference between gold and shit is that people wants to get covered by gold, but most of times get covered by shit by themselves.. oh, and the difference is that gold cant make grow a plant, just can be shinny

JO said...

Love your illo, and your Zoo-Doo post so funny!

Kstyles said...

HEHEHE your funny! "I do doo-doo" HAHA!!! Great illo.

neil said...

this really stinks! but the artwork is brilliant!

Jaimie said...

Great piece! I just love rhinos.
And thanks for the poo links!

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