Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Snappy Soup

Ok...though my computer ink crapped out on me on the print is the cleaned up version!

"Snip, Snap, Snoop! There are turtles in my soup!!

Snap- Illustration Friday prompt for March 31.

I had several sketches for this idea. All different. The one I am sharing is my favourite. I kind of "threw" colour in there so excuse the primativeness of the piece. I have been very busy on other projects!!

We have several little boys coming over to the house Saturday for an Easter Egg Hunt so that will keep me busy as well.

Oh, if anyone has an idea on how to get a robin to stop ramming into my window PLEASE let me know. It has been two days and lots of noise! I put a sun catcher in the window and that didn't help. My cat , Casper, is loving it of course! No, the cat doesn't stop him either. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!


Michelle Lana said...

This is so funny! Cute one ellen!

scribblesk said...

Yikes, is this what they mean by turtle soup? Fun twist!

Lee said...

LOL, that's great, love the little rubber ducky!! we used to have that problem with sliding glass doors at our house in Atlanta...never could get some of them to realize they couldn't fly thru...good luck and have fun with the easter egg hunt

artsymommachic said...

hahaha LOVE the "shell rack" great!!

md said...

lol i would say that the turtle is enjoying his bath and thae mans soup will just have to wait about birds lol i hav egot two who continur to build nest on th eledges of my wiondows and i keps knocking them off hopefully they get the hint. as far ass bird hiting my windows i have that every yr 1 always seems to hit so hard that it knocks itself out. i just let them enjoy themselves. i figure it hurtsd them more then me and so far no windows hav ebeen broken.

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