Monday, April 16, 2007

Green Fortune

"Now that the fad of the Eastern art of Feng Shui is fading there are more and more of out of work three legged frogs in western civiliazation that are not native to this area!"

The Art of Feng Shui involves the placement of sacred objects in relationship to our surroundings - in particular our home and business. In Asia, a Feng Shui Master will even be consulted by the Architect n the planning of the relationships of rooms, doorways and windows to themselves and the forces of nature. It is truly believed that the proper, or improper, positioning and association of all these elements will have a dramatic impact on your life. Here we offer the sacred objects with their meanings for your own Feng Shui collection.
Depite being an au courant fad, feng shui -- pronounced "fung shway" -- is nothing new to the Chinese. In fact, feng shui is a millennia-old practice.
The Chinese have long believed that if a home or business had a harmonious and positive flow of ch'i, which refers to cosmic breath or energy, those living and working there would benefit, thus enjoying health, happiness and prosperity. Palaces, farmhouses, temples and even entire cities were laid according to feng shui's precepts. One element of Feng Shui is placing certain objects in "key" corners of the room like the "Three-legged Money Frog."

THREE LEGGED FROG WITH A COIN IN ITS MOUTH, or, MONEY FROG - Named Chachu will attract plenty of wealth into your home using three-legged Frogs with a coin in its mouth! This auspicious creature attracts good fortune into your home. Place the frog in any of the corners diagonally opposite you front door for best effect. At the very least, you should have one frog facing out to collect the money and one facing in to bring the money back into the house. You can also place him in view of your front door. Every morning turn him towards the exterior. Turn him towards the interior in the evening to prevent him from becoming exhausted, or, letting your money escape. Keep you frogs below the table, behind the couch or in other discreet areas of your home. Some people keep theirs on top of my computer at night facing into the room and facing toward the window beside their computer during the day.


md said...

seems like a growing problem even among the animal kingdom. nice cast of characters

Alina Chau said...

Oooh poor little guy!! Soo sad!

mcscrub said...

he must live near a french resturaunt great characters

carla said...

Your drawing made me feel sorry for the frog.., even if he's jusy a character! His face is so full of emotion! I always likeyour interesting pieces about things that i don't know much about. I really enjoyed your post, and the illustration is great!

platinum blonde said...

love the expression on the frog's face. great work & great message

aeneadellaluna said...

poor froggy..someone took a bite at his leg.. :) very cute and beautiful characters

Sherry said...

As a one-time collector of frogs (not live ones) your illo struck close to my heart! ;-) Nice take on the topic and I love your style. Now I wonder why the money frogs must be three-legged?

Chickengirl said...

Lol...oh my, this must be the saddest yet-I-am-sorry-I-have-to-laugh kinda image. Poor froggie. I especially like the tadpole hanging on...

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