Saturday, November 25, 2006


Invention- Illustration Friday prompt for November 24.
"Because Mortimer was always inventing stories the woodland creatures always found it hard to believe anything he said. Until the day they all saw the sleigh pass through the air!"

Oh, yes, we have all heard "Neccesity is the Mother of invention" (I had a really neat illo in mind about 'Invention's' mom, Necessity, making him clean his room...but I didn't have time. LOL!) and I'm sure there will be a few machine creations this week. I chose to do the invention of the story itself. All of our storytelling started by word of mouth years ago. We gradually advanced to illustrations...and now look how far we have come with conveying stories!'s to you whoever you tellers of truth or tall tales. It was you who invented the wonder and awe in all of us and the hunger to read just one more story!

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Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Your woodland creatures have great personality. I love your take on this week's theme. A nice tribute to all of the world's wonderfully imaginative story tellers!

michael dailey said...

lov it just perfect for the coming holidays

Amy Zaleski said...

That Mortimer...can't trust him. Very cute, Ellen!

steve said...

Here's to you too Ellen for making each visit to your blog a fun feast for the eyes!

studio lolo said...

Love it!!!!!!

Simply Spiffing said...

i love your idea, very appropriate for the holiday season :)

PaintMonster said...

hehehe sweet!!!

Chickengirl said...

The animals are soo cute!

Michelle Lana said...

Very cute! love it.

scribblesk said...

Mortimer has quite the imagination!

ValGalArt said...

What a great idea and wonderfully depicted! This made me laugh cuz it's funny too! Clever and cute!!!

Joy Eliz said...

LOL!! Your illo is absolutely fantastic :D

Thank you soooo much for the healing advice of detox and diet change - it was a comment that made a light-bulb go off in my head - Heartfelt more than you know:) Thanks!

wynlen said...

Very cute, I love the characters!


Tracey said...

I love illustrations that bring a smile to my face. This is so great! And a wonderful piece of art! I love the characters. So well drawn and unique! Great job!

Bearuh said...


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