Monday, December 12, 2005


Surprise-Illustration Friday. OK...This is by far only ONE of the many surprising things our daughter has done over the years; but, it was fairly big to us!
This is part of her rebellious peer pressure days at Smith College in Massachusetts. I use to do a comic panel once a month while she was there. It helped us cope. LOL


Knitting Painter Woman said...

My darling daughter went to Mt. Holyoke and had a year in Dublin. I wish I'd thought to do a comic strip about it. Some weeks might have been easier!!

Amy Zaleski said...

Ellen, this is hilarious! You've really gotten the dialogue right! And what a great way to cope with the surprise. Does she still have the tongue stud?

Queen Tut said...

Great characters!

Caroline said...

What a surprise indeed... I love the characters you've drawn.

carla said...! What else can you say? Excellent characterization:>

Wilnara said...

Ellen this was too funny! I love how the drawing came out - Very loose and full of life!

cristosova said...

Oh, I so know what you mean about drawing comics helps to cope with life´s matters. It can be so therapeutic.
Very funny illo!

Rachelle said...

I like your comic/sketch Ellen. Great way to cope!

steve said...

I couldn't imagine being a parent with a child in college. If it was a girl, I fear I might be waaay overprotective. I love the comic art (and the Blue Iguanna is fantastic). You might want to check out the DC Conspiracy blog on blogger for some great independent comic talent.

Andrea said...

Just found your blog and love it! You do some really great drawings! I will be posting a link to your site on mine.

the painted pear said...

It is neat to see a relaxed style in your pen work. Don't get me wrong, whatever you draw has intregity! You are very talented! I did that to my parents and so much more, now I am a parent. It will be a surprise to me as well but it shouldn't be. Neat surprise drawing.
Are you feeling better?
Hope so!

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