Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Free- "Santa-matic" (freedom of speech).
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Because of the changing times even malls have become more politically aware of other religions and cultures especially at holiday time. First it was the addition of a menorrah and now the "Santa-matic!" Now children of all cultures can choose which Santa to meet with at the mall and rest assured their wish is in the right hands! >wink,wink<


Tony Sarrecchia said...

Can you imagine how many Clauses would end up being at the mall? Shiver. Unique take on the topic...nicely done.

Caroline said...

Tony is right there could be so many clauses...

I love the colourful Clauses here!

Amy Zaleski said...

Hi Ellen- this is really cute. I can see you're really getting in the holiday spirit already! Enjoy your Turkey day!!

Jaimie said...

Nicely done. I like this idea!

Ian T. said...

Yes, but can those other Santas promote Coca Cola? ;)

Actually, this is an ingenious (and somewhat devious) answer to the criticism of Santa being a corrupt Western civilisation type invention, but how do these other guys relate to Saint Nicholas? I guess the point really is that Santa is an archetypal figure that belongs to children.

There's a touch of the three wise men here too!

I really enjoyed the costume/character design you've "freely" indulged in here.

Cibele said...

very nice version for "free". I loved!

Catnapping said...

excellent illustration. great colours, and the thought of it all cracked me up.

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