Tuesday, September 27, 2005

FRESH - Pencils

Pencils. It is always pleasurable to get a fresh, new pack of coloured pencils or likewise. This set I got in Disneyworld on my vacation to Florida last week. It was refreshing and inspiring to get away.

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Anonymous said...

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Patty said...

oh, yes, love those new fresh colour pencils... nice illo :)

Michael said...

ha - yep, nothing like brand new art supplies! absolutely fresh. :)

Caroline said...

New art supplies are one of my weaknesses too! And a fresh supply of colour is a good twist on the theme.

Roz said...

What a fun gift to bring home. Hope you had a great time at Disneyworld. One of my favorite places in the world!

Anonymous said...

New, fresh drawing or painting materials are great. I was on a big sale today and bough a lot of "freshness".

Wilnara said...

I have to agree - there is nothing better than getting brand new art supplies. Like your off to a fresh start exploring brand new creations. Nice Work!!! -Thanks for your comment on my blog. :-)

orangeandblackpanther said...

ya im in school doing this so i just try to get it done not really careing about color im just tryin to take my time with the drawing in pencil if i had some more time i would

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