Monday, August 08, 2005

Empty- Illustration Friday

Empty- Illustration Friday. Empty is what mailboxes have become since the dawn of E-Mail! I have to admit...this word sparked five pieces. I chose two to show you. Take a look at the one below also!!!

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Anonymous said...

too true! i love your mailbox, wish mine looked the same, it gets bombarded with so much junk mail! need to get myself one of those stickers so that the spiders can move in undisturbed:D

isay said...

looks like the owner was tired of waiting for letters or just lazy to clean it up. nice illustration!

diosaperdida said...

not necessarily a bad thing here...I love the webs, and little bird.

Rowantree said...

I like two illos, sad and nice !!

MisterGonzo said...

an empty mailbox is a sad mailbox

carla said...

Love's recycling in action :> The spiderwebs are a great touch.

bee'nme said...

Great picture...captures the theme very well...and true, I really miss letters.

Tulipland said...

true and sad! very nice illo..!

Teri C said...

I love this one too. Really says a lot in a very cute manner.


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