Sunday, June 05, 2005

Digital- Illo Friday 6-3. I'm getting there. I have to hook up and un hook up equipment now so the Wacom has been down. I bought a new digital camera...besides the digital camera I use for work that I need every day. Plus the new scanner/fax/printer. It's getting very crowded! So...please tell me what you think!

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isay said...

very exciting!

Nik said...

nice idea Ellen!

Anonymous said...

The digital age has certainly made things lighter in weight! Must be nice having some new digital toys to play with. Nice idea.

JacqueLynn said...

Great illo of how things have changed digitally! the concept worked great and the guys are fun. This one looks great, make sure to use it in your portfolio. Best Regards, Jacque

Richie said...

I love it! That is very much an evolution of technology and stress.

Ellen said...

Thanks for the comments. Comments help so much especially from your peers!
Richie... thank you for noticing the stress. I also slightly added weight so that the guy in 2000 was about ten pounds heavier that the 80's. I could have done clothing detail, hair style, etc. But thought simple was best.

Anonymous said...

love the humour behind this, it's great! it's so true that although things are made easier, it's also made us lazier, so the weight gain is a great touch!

Ms Elle said...

you nailed the concept, ellen. you know, there's way too much stuff on my desk now as far as techno-toys now that you mention it. i heard that NEC computers has designed a complete computer/projection system that is contained in 5 "pens" that act as all the components - e.g., one pen projects a screen, one projects a laser keyboard, one provides the harddrive... it's amazing.

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