Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Spring on Delmarva

Beautiful Day on the Peninsula! This is one of my "expiramental plants." I find them in the woods or around the yard and transplant them. Everyone made fun and called it the weed tree for several years. Well she finally showed them! It's a beautiful cherry tree! I have an art piece on the way...I just can't pass up an opportunity to show my tree!!! Posted by Hello


Michelle said...

I agree what a beautiful tree and great photo too.

Shano said...

Beautiful! Great colors and contrast.

Zan said...

yay weed tree!


ValGalArt said...

aaaaah this is great! don't ya just love it? I do!

Ginger*:)* said...

And a beautiful cherry tree at that! Good for you. Now in the woods behind our current house, I am afraid that all I would find, other than wild turkeys, might be.... trouble.

Kaya said...

great shot, nice light, very fresh and spring-y!

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