Monday, April 04, 2005

Scarecrow's Flight - Travel III - Illustration Friday

Travel III. OK. I promise this is the last one this week. I did this for an October ad a while back. Another piece I need to do in Wacom! Any and all comments always welcome (Constructive ones, that is.) I am still trying to build a portfolio so I can break back into the art world...I really-really want to try illustration.Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Ellen, I really love this one. The movement and energy is well expressed and expression is priceless! Paige at

JacqueLynn said...

Hi Ellen. This graphic is delightful, really great, and shows professional work. I don’t make a living as an illustrator, but I would think that you want to get a web page up and running that showcases what you do. Your profile shows that you are in marketing, SO Market yourself girl!! I think the photos of your work are too dark so they don’t show the real talent of the work, can you scan them??? I can tell by that picture that you can really draw, I just wish you would show yourself off to a better advantage. Best Regards and I hope that I haven’t been too forward. Jacque Davis

Ellen said...

No, not too forward at all! That's the kind of commenting I LOVE! Full of information!! My scanner is on the fritz. I am soon to switch my technology around so I am waiting to see how the transition to laptop works out before thinking about another scanner. Thanks again for the compliments and your honesty!

Perriette said...

Please repost this when you redo or get the scanner fixed. What I can see of it, it looks great. Would like to see a better version to see the detail.

Anonymous said...

He's a fun guy, and really travelling!

JacqueLynn said...

Ellen, are you really going to work with your Wacom on a laptop? Won't the screen be way too small and frustrating? I wish I could afford a 22 inch screen ( I can't) but I need every bit of room I can find when I'm drawing in Painter and have all the Pallets open. If you want to move more to digital illustration, I think most laptop screens are really small. my email address is

Tine said...

Hi Ellen,

Wow, what a character!! Gorgeously drawn, just wonderful. Great piece for your Portfolio for sure! And in a bit of colour here and there he will look fantastic!!


Tine said...

Just noticed that my old link at blogger is still active...oops.
My new one is here:


Ms Elle said...

Ellen, all of them were good but I like the scarecrow one best - you have a great sense of play in this and I hope to see you color it up and post it again! Fab! Keep at it! Persistence! Persistence! Persistence! (And get a scanner, woman! ;-) )

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