Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"Fragile" This week's Illustration Friday challenge. I wanted to do more with this but I'm a bit fragile myself these past few days since my cat, Casper went missing. Posted by Hello


Ms Elle said...

First, I hope Casper shows up really soon (if he hasn't come home already) and that he's fine...

Second, this is a really interesting and lovely composition for the theme.

Anonymous said...

great symbolism...really like the edging. hope your kitty has just gone for a wee wander and will come home soon. i know how you must be feeling, a few years back some jack@ss stole my kitty...i was devastated. :(

coolwatyr said...

Oh, my dear friend... I hope that Casper finds his way home very soon.

The shattered appearance of this piece is interesting. I can't tell if the Sun and Moon are observers or if your world is simply torn between the two...

Ellen said...

Excellent comment CoolWatyr!
The shattered glass is representing the broken ozone layer...or the shattered atmosphere of daily living (War, violence, anger...).
The sun on top - hope on the horizon - with a peace dove, of course.
The sun and moon are actually a duality of concern for this small "egg shaped" planet that is sooo fragile. (They are out at the same time in the real world.)

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