Wednesday, February 02, 2005

"Friendship." This week's IF topic. I chose to commemorate the gift France gave to the United States in honer of their friendship with us... by drawing "Lady Liberty." She has become such an important symbol since 9/11! This is in my traditional Pen and Ink. It is my favorite medium. Posted by Hello


chillies and chocolate said...

Your pen & ink drawings are just amazing!

Joe said...

Great take on the theam! I like it.

Joe said...

Great take on the theam! I like it.

jawjie said...

very nice.

Anonymous said...

wow, what talent!


Ms Elle said...

Love the detail and shading.
Very nice.


Justin Barrett said...

Just saw your comment on my "Black and White" entry. Had to dig a bit to find this, but it was worth the effort. Very nice!

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