Monday, October 18, 2004

Two Morrow's Ink

This Blog Spot is inspired by a fellow friend and artist in the UK . I am hoping to become as regimented in my writing, cartooning , photography and art as she is.

My name is Ellen Dygert-Morrow and I live on the beautiful shores of the Atlantic in the United States. I have been an artist and performer for most of my life working in theatre, tv, education, etc...


Jai 'TheCSIgirl' Smith said...


What kind of fossils do you collect?
When I stay with my grandparents, there is a lovely pebble beach...there are only ammonites there, but it's a total adventure, for sure! The rocks are all really cool shades, and there are really lovely little rockpools there.


chillies and chocolate said...

Hi Ellen,

It's great to see you blogging, thanks for the link, and I can't wait to see what you will be posting. I'll put this in my favourites!

love, Nic

Ellen said...

I Love all kinds of Fossils. I really enjoy the ones that wash up on the beach because they are sooooo smooth!
(Bowing gracefully) You are welcome.

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